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About us

About us


our company established in 2003 "AL-TER" ® brand aluminum radiator is realized the production of the economic and giving importance to the product quality, the market continues to pride.

"AL-TER " ® based on trust, quality and continuous service with the understanding that the principle of self-renewal in the r & d work paid attention to, and continues to develop new models. Promotion for turkey and the world by participating in fairs take the lead in the market on a continuous self-live-holding "AL-TER" (r) technology and the modern system based on economic and quality customer the satisfaction of adopting a sense of continuity in a short time the TSE ISO 9001-2008 the MINISTRY of INDUSTRY and the 10-year warranty structure, with each passing day, "AL-TER of the intel products market sought to continue to deliver the quality of life, and so on.

in 2003, cross-convection working on the basis of "AL-TER" ® branded aluminum radiators, heat in the heating sector to gain a new understanding continues. Our company is a closed area of 450m2 and open area of 200m2 the service continues. In the year 150.000m2 radiator has the capacity of production.


"AL-TER MANUFACTURING SAN. TIC. LTD. STI." During the production phase of the problems to avoid all the product of entry prior to production quality control is passed to the products of the problem is likely to prevent the formation of high-quality and robust product is obtained. At every stage of production of the controlled studies, preparation, shipment to the customer and the delivery of continuous service with the principle of the installation phase and after possible also to overcome the challenges of attention.

Continuous models of renewal within the concept of branding efforts in a short time has become a distinguished brand----. The promotion of national and regional trade fairs, with an emphasis of the "AL-TER" ®sought by consumers has become a brand.

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